Promoting the use of solar technologies for agricultural and rural development in Cambodia and Myanmar

Lead country

Bangkok Regional Hub

Participating countries

Cambodia, Myanmar

Project status

Under implementation

Implementing period

From December 4, 2020 to December 4, 2023

SDGs addressed by this project

SDG targets

  1. 1.5 Build resilience of poor to climate, shocks
  2. 2.4 Ensure sustainable food production, maintain key ecosystems
  3. 13.b Build capacity for climate change planning, management

Project ID: 6376

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Technical team

  • Climate Change Adaptation Programme

Technical area(s)

  • Cross-sectoral climate resilient livelihoods
  • Fostering Food Security and resilient agricultural systems


  • Human altered areas


  • Rural areas

Transformed sector(s)


UNDP role(s)

  • Capacity development / Technical assistance


  • Food and agricultural commodities
  • Capacity building
  • Technology innovation


  • Sustainable agriculture practices and use of resources (TP 2, 7, 8, 9)
  • Technical capacity building
  • Improved soil and water management techniques

Social inclusion

  • Smallholder farmers

Gender equality


Gender result effectiveness scale



  • People pathway

Risk reduction target(s)

  • Improve resilience

SDG target(s)

  • 1.5 Build resilience of poor to climate, shocks
  • 2.4 Ensure sustainable food production, maintain key ecosystems
  • 13.b Build capacity for climate change planning, management

Conventions and protocols


Private sector(s)


Hot topic

  • Food and agricultural commodities strategy
  • Poverty reduction

Project description

The project aims to build the resilience of smallholder farmers through the promotion and scaling of resilient agricultural practices, solar-powered pumping for irrigation and drinking, as well as the agricultural product market facilities in both Cambodia and MyanmarThe project comprises two overarching thematic components. 1: Increased smallholder farm productivity through adoption of innovative agricultural practices and an improved value chain. 2: Increased adoption and utilization of solar water pumping for irrigation in the agriculture sector.Each country presents its own set of outputs and activities under two shared thematic outcomes that are suitable and tailored to their own specific contexts, needs and barriers.

USD $5,168,375

Grant amount


Source(s) of fund

Source(s) of fund


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