Grid-Connected Small-Scale Photovoltaic Systems

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Participating countries


Project status

Under implementation

Implementing period

From December 6, 2016 to December 6, 2021

SDGs addressed by this project

SDG targets

  1. 7.2 Increase share of global renewable energy
  2. 13.2 Integrate climate change into national policies, planning
  3. 7.1 Ensure universal access to sustainable, reliable energy

Project ID: 4998

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Technical team

  • Energy Programme

Technical area(s)

  • Renewable Energy


  • Type: On-grid, rooftop
  • Resource: Solar



Transformed sector(s)

  • Agriculture
  • Livestock

UNDP role(s)

  • Capacity development / Technical assistance
  • Innovative approaches
  • Institutional mechanism and system building


  • Capacity building
  • Governance
  • Finance economy


  • Alternative energy sources
  • Technical capacity building
  • Laws/ Policy/ Plan formulation
  • Standards/ Labeling/ Guideline
  • Institutional framework
  • Green economy
  • Energy finance

Social inclusion

  • Local community/CSOs
  • Private sector

Gender equality

  • Awareness raising (on gender)

Gender result effectiveness scale

  • Gender targeted


  • People pathway
  • Systems pathway
  • Sci-tech pathway

Risk reduction target(s)

  • Hazard control/mitigation

SDG target(s)

  • 7.2 Increase share of global renewable energy
  • 13.2 Integrate climate change into national policies, planning
  • 7.1 Ensure universal access to sustainable, reliable energy

Conventions and protocols


Private sector(s)

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Individuals/Entrepreneurs

Hot topic

  • Multi-stakeholder collaboration
  • Food and agricultural commodities strategy

About this project


The project aims to develop and accelerate the adoption of grid-integrated photovoltaic (PV) power generation through adoption by individual users, households and small and medium size enterprises. Although Egypt is very rich in solar resource and is not able to meet its power demand , the present circumstances do not allow the development of widespread renewable power in general for several reasons. Some of these reasons are: lack of a renewable energy grid-code; lack of a framework to allow the sale of power to the grid; lack of technical know-how in the market; lack of technical solutions on the market; lack of user experience with the technology; and lack of user awareness with the possible solutions offered by today's PV technology.


Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by the removal of barriers to widespread application of decentralised PV-based power generation.

USD $3,616,364

Grant amount

USD $30,360,000

Leveraged amount (co-financing)


Source(s) of fund

Sources of fund


  • Global Environment Facility – Trust Fund ($3,616,364)

Implementing partner(s)

  • Government of Egypt

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Grid-Connected Small-Scale Photovoltaic Systems