Enhancing Climate Change Adaptation in the North Coast and Nile Delta Regions in Egypt

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Under implementation

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From October 2, 2018 to March 1, 2026

SDGs addressed by this project

SDG targets

  1. 11.5 Reduce deaths, decrease losses caused by disasters
  2. 13.2 Integrate climate change into national policies, planning

Project ID: 5945

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Technical team

  • Climate Change Adaptation Programme

Technical area(s)

  • Climate resilient integrated water resource and coastal management
  • Mainstreaming integrated policy and planning for climate-resilient & sustainable development


  • FreshWaters


  • Rivers and river basins

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  • Capacity development / Technical assistance
  • Innovative approaches
  • Risk analysis


  • Capacity building
  • Law regulation
  • Mitigation adaptation


  • Institutional capacity building
  • Institutional framework
  • Laws/ Policy/ Plan formulation
  • Flood prevention/Early Warning

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  • Systems pathway
  • Sci-tech pathway

Risk reduction target(s)

  • Hazard control/mitigation
  • Improve resilience

SDG target(s)

  • 11.5 Reduce deaths, decrease losses caused by disasters
  • 13.2 Integrate climate change into national policies, planning

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About this project


This project seeks to support adaptation efforts of Egypt in the Nile Delta which is identified by the IPCC in its Fourth Assessment Report as one of the world's three “extreme” vulnerable hotspots. The objective of the project is to reduce coastal flooding risks in Egypt's North Coast due to the combination of projected sea level rise and more frequent and intense extreme storm events. Output 1 focuses on constructing 69 km of sand dune dikes along five vulnerable hotspots within the Nile Delta that were identified during an engineering scoping assessment and technical feasibility study. Output 2 focuses on the development of an integrated coastal zone management (ICZM) plan for the entire North Coast, to manage long-term climate change risks and provide Egypt with adaptability to impending flood risks.The barriers that will be addressed by the project include lack of high quality data to inform planning decisions; absence of a suitable framework for implementing integrated approaches to coastal adaptation; weak institutional coordination to build coastline resilience to sea level rise impacts; and low institutional capacity to anticipate and manage expected sea level rise impacts. The project will facilitate transformational change in in the short-term by reducing coastal flooding threats along vulnerable hotspots in the Delta and in the long-term by integrating additional risks of climate change into coastal management and planning, budgeting and implementation of risk reduction measures.


Increased resilience of infrastructure and the built environment to climate change.

USD $31,384,800

Grant amount

USD $73,807,000

Leveraged amount (co-financing)


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Sources of fund


  • Green Climate Fund Common ($31,384,800)

Implementing partner(s)

  • Ministry of Water Resources & Irrigation

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