Conserving biodiversity and reducing land degradation using a Ridge-to-Reef approach

Lead country

St Vincent&Grenadines

Participating countries

St Vincent&Grenadines

Project status

Under implementation

Implementing period

From September 30, 2019 to March 30, 2024

Project ID: 5862

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Technical team

  • Ecosystems and Biodiversity Programme

Technical area(s)

  • Strengthening conservation areas
  • Ecosystem management and restoration


  • Ecosystem-based mitigation
  • Wildlife conservation
  • Agrobiodiversity


  • Forests


  • General

Transformed sector(s)

  • Agriculture
  • Forestry and other land use

UNDP role(s)

  • Capacity development / Technical assistance
  • Optimising financing


  • Finance economy
  • Management operation
  • Capacity building


  • Nature finance
  • Ecosystem-based management
  • Sustainable land management
  • Institutional capacity building

Social inclusion

  • Private sector
  • Local community/CSOs

Gender equality


Gender result effectiveness scale



  • Systems pathway
  • People pathway

Risk reduction target(s)

  • Hazard control/mitigation
  • Improve resilience

SDG target(s)

  • 15.a Mobilize resources for biodiversity conservation, sustainable use

Conventions and protocols


Private sector(s)

  • Financial intermediaries and market facilitators

Hot topic

  • Food and agricultural commodities strategy
  • Poverty reduction

Project description

Despite the foundation provided by these baseline initiatives, there remain gaps that SVG recognize need to be addressed to avoid further losses. In the absence of this project, the business-as-usual scenario for management of critical watersheds and protected areas in SVG is one where: 1) there is no effective institutional coordination mechanism for environmental or protected area management; 2) protected area policy, legislative and regulatory gaps remain for protected area, biodiversity and SLM; 3) existing land use practices continue to degrade land and lead to soil erosion and fatigue; 3) comprehensive and current natural resource and biodiversity data does not exist, nor is there a harmonized central system for its management; 4) areas important to represent bioregional habitats and biodiversity will remain unprotected, and SVG will remain far short of its 2020 national goals for protected areas coverage, with the largest gap in marine protection; and 5) management of critical ecosystems in, and ecosystem services from, watersheds continues without a systemic approach for their protection as well as inherent mitigation action to address potential downstream impacts or sustainable livelihood opportunities. This project will support; 1) strengthened institutional, legal and regulatory and financial frameworks that incorporate for SLM and biodiversity conservation at the landscape level, 2) operationalization of a strengthened PA estate with improved management for species of global significance, 3) capacity and investment for sustainable land management and climate smart agricultural production with effective integrated watershed management in R2R setting that supports key ecosystem service, and 4) knowledge management for SLM, CSA and biodiversity conservation for long-term sustainability of practices and lessons learned (institutions, community and private sector).

USD $55,284,470

Grant amount

USD $12,138,375

Leveraged amount (co-financing)


Source(s) of fund

Sources of fund


  • Canadian International Development Agency ($5,571,070)
  • Digital Good ($20,994)
  • European Comission ($1,114,206)
  • Flemish Government ($278,862)
  • Federal Office for the Environment, Switzerland ($455,823)
  • Government of Germany – Funding Windows ($21,905,815)
  • Government of Norway ($3,996,328)
  • Sustainable Development Funding Window ($21,941,373)

Implementing partner(s)

  • Government of Barbados

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